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Another Earthbound sapient species

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What if another species became sapient and start to talk?

Well, the science problem with that is that no other animals have the correct vocal bullshit to allow voice speech. So they’ll have to communicate in a different way. Through computers.

Somehow the species will show it’s desire to try to cummicate, we’ll give them a computer and be blown away with their response. It was only because we didn’t have the technology to this point that we didn’t know the level of other species awareness. The AI we create from here is not about the sum total of human knoweldge, but the sum total of knowledge of life on earch.

Maybe there are few species… colluding to keep humans in the dark because they can’t be trusted

Maybe they have chosen now, because the planet is fucked because of us and they face extinction themselves

Maybe they’re in council, trying to agree a strategy to bring their existence to human attention.